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Dreenoi Warriors and Cybercom from sets SA-105 and SA-106

Available Figures

The Dreenoi, more commonly known as "Bugs" are telepathic, hive-minded insectoids. They will eat almost anything and are always hungry. Without quick action, a planet attacked by the Dreenoi is sure to be overcome. Once the Dreenoi get established in their tunnels, they are very difficult to exterminate.  

The Dreenoi Incursion was the first test of the Federation mutual defense pacts.

Dreenoi Starter Set (10)

$ 12.50

Dreenoi Chugg (25)

$ 30.00

Dreenoi Chig Boom

$ 4.00

Dreenoi Queen

$ 4.00

$ 4.00

Dreenoi Larva Drop Capsule (2)

$ 4.00

Dreenoi Vulcan Gun Trig (3)

Dreenoi Engineer Trig (3)

$ 4.00

Dreenoi PML Team (3)

$ 4.00

Dreenoi Cockroach Tank

$ 10.00

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