Freighter Minos

1900 Tramp Steamer

Scaled for 15mm figures

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The Minos in the South China Sea

It was all so romantic; a Chinese junk silhouetted against the orange glow as the sun sank into the South China Sea. But now the First Officer of the Minos vainly searched the darkening horizon for some clue to the location of the mysterious junk. She was running without lights. A bad sign, in these waters. It was a Pirate’s moon - pitch black, only a few stars to light their way.

Lieutenant Dirk Bogart lowered his binoculars. He stood on the bridge wing of the Tramp Steamer. The lantern of the running light glowed red just below his elbow. The junk’s crew would have no trouble locating the Minos though the night be ever so dark. Dirk slid the door open and stepped into the wheelhouse. The helmsman stood quietly at his post. Captain Cameron was bent over the chart table, dividers in hand.

When he heard Dirk’s report of the mysterious craft, the Captain laid down his navigating tools and drew a brass key from his jacket pocket. He handed the key to his First Officer. "Open the arms locker and arm the crew. Bring me the Thompson, and the 50 round drum. Double the watch."

Can you defend the Tramp Steamer Minos against the Chinese Pirates? Can your Chinese Pirates get rich by capturing the "Round Eye" ship? What about that mysterious cargo?

Why is that strange freighter lying at anchor off the coast of Zimbowie? Could gun smugglers be off-loading dangerous cargo for the Sultan’s rebellion against the Empire?

Or could it be the German Auxiliary Cruiser Mowie, just waiting for some nosy Royal Navy patrol boat to get in range of its hidden 6" guns?

This Tramp Steamer will suggest hundreds of exciting scenarios for your Colonial Wars, World War One, and Adventure Games. Designed to be small enough to fit on the game table, yet large enough to be impressive - to allow a small army on its decks.

15mm mixed media kit 15 x 3.25 x 10 inches.

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Scaled to fit 15mm figures.

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The ship is designed with a cardstock hull and superstructure, reinforced with cardboard for easy and sturdy construction.

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The Freighter Minos 15mm Multimedia Kit.................................$30.00

Kit includes with full color printed paper parts, cast metal anchors, ventilators, search lights,  boat davits, steering wheel, engine room telegraphs, binnical,  and winches.

To complete the ship as shown above you will also need:

You supply paint for the metal parts, cardboard for the hull reinforce, thread for the rigging and white glue for assembly and 1/8 inch  wooden dowel for the masts and round toothpicks or cocktail skewers for the spars.

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The Minios is also available scaled for 28mm figures.

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